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Muso is a global health organization committed to universal health care. We build health systems to save lives by reaching patients faster. To make this happen, we’ve devoted the past decade designing, building, testing, and improving on our proactive healthcare model. Communities Muso serves have achieved child mortality rates lower than any country in Africa, according to a 2018 BMJ Global Health study.

We currently provide direct service health care for 350,000 people in Mali, while supporting the Malian Ministry of Health as they work toward a scale up of Community Health Worker-led health care to 3.5 million people nationally.

We’ve now seen the urgent need for Muso to serve both within and beyond Mali’s borders. The global crises of maternal and child mortality are solvable, everywhere.

Building upon the extraordinary potential of proactive care, Muso is now preparing for global growth. This will include expansion to new countries, intensive technical assistance (TA), and world-class research designed to change global policy and practice. Through these efforts, we aim to serve the global effort for universal health care, maternal health, and child survival. The World Bank, the UN MDG Health Alliance, and USAID have all featured Muso’s work as a global best practice.

Muso now seeks a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, to lead our efforts to learn quickly and nimbly, to hold ourselves accountable to patients, and to continually improve the quality of the care we provide.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator will design and build precise, high-impact systems to monitor Muso’s healthcare program. To make this happen, s/he will work directly with the support of the Director of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, and in close collaboration with the research team, so that research studies and continuous learning move work hand in glove. S/he will work closely with Muso’s Data Scientists and Senior Data Manager to tap insights from Muso’s data collection systems. S/he will closely collaborate with Muso’s Chief Medical Officer, Program Team, Learning and Innovation Team, and Development and Communications Team to support the team’s learning, improve the quality of how we serve, and communicate what we learn.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator will be responsible for creating and executing a plan for cleaning, QA/QC, and analysis of program data from Community Health Workers, Supervisors, and primary care centers (monthly, quarterly, and annually), for two main purposes: (a) maximize our learning for continuous improvement of program content and quality of care and (b) report out to government partners, funders, and community members. To this end, s/he will serve as the cross-cutting point person from the Research Monitoring and Evaluation Team, fielding requests and to respond to the needs of other departments in their learning, and in their internal or external communication of these learnings.

S/he will design and implement rigorous approaches for measuring and tracking program results and performance in real time, including regular reporting on core service delivery indicators. S/he will ensure that data gets collected and used in time to improve program efforts to transform population health. S/he will assist each division of the team in setting up plans for monitoring and evaluation, and analysis of indicators, to identify opportunities, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses, in order to promote a rapid improvement of the organization’s impact. Thus the post requires strong experience in methods for data collection, management, and analysis, as well as in implementation of high impact programs.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator is also responsible to set up, teach, and evaluate training sessions, to enable Muso team members to develop their capacities in monitoring and evaluation. S/he will provide assistance to the team on technical tasks as needed and will get support from her/his teammates, supervisors, and community partners.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Experience in clinical, public health, or social science research
  • At least three years of monitoring and evaluation experience
  • Doctoral or masters degree in public health, demography, statistics, social science, or equivalent;
  • Prior experience in designing and using data collection systems/tools.
  • Strong written and spoken French; English fluency also preferred but not required; strong skills in report development, communication, and facilitation;
  • Demonstrate core competencies in data management and analysis, using software such as SPSS or STATA. These competencies include: importing data, searching for missing and implausible values, recoding variables, creating cross tabulations, and creating systems to routinely calculate key indicators.
  • Experience with data extraction and with using relational databases will be a major plus;
  • Mastery of software needed to present findings (Microsoft Office)
  • Capacity to manage and analyze data using one or more statistical software packages, including STATA and Excel. Knowledge of SQL is a plus;
  • Understanding and experience of health information systems (like DHIS2, for example) is a plus ;
  • Experience with systems of continuous quality improvement;
  • Expertise in quantitative and qualitative evaluation methodologies;
  • Expertise in implementing high impact health programs is a plus;
  • Experience in management, supervision, and mentoring, and aptitude for learning quickly on the job to respond to evolving needs;
  • Commitment to social justice and universal access to health care;
  • Ability to take a proactive approach to work;
  • Initiative, leadership, and autonomy, able to manage her/his own responsibilities and deliver on time, able to work well under pressure;
  • Team spirit, openness to the ideas, feedback, and questions of others as opportunities;

  • Responsibilities:

    Administration, Organizational Development
  • Create and follow a calendar of all M&E activities of the organization; produce rigorous reports in English and/or French;
  • Serve as point person for M&E needs across departments;
  • Submit internal monthly reports of key indicators at the beginning of each month and as needed for different departments;
  • Develop tools for visualizing data/findings for internal and external communication purposes; in particular, a dashboard of key monthly indicators to present at leadership and all-staff meetings;
  • Meet with the Program Team, the Learning and Innovation Team, and the Chief Medical Officer at least once per month to interpret together the results and monitor key indicators together, in order to continuously improve quality of care and impact;
  • In collaboration with program managers, consolidate monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for the team and implementation partners, analyzing gaps and ensuring course-correcting measures get taken;
  • Prepare budgets and technical reports as needed;
  • Meet with her/his team and each person s/he supervises weekly, to support, manage, and build capacity;
  • Identify areas for improvement, training, and learning in the implementation of monitoring and evaluation, and make proposals to pursue those opportunities;

  • Creating and Improving Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Conduct a baseline assessment of each data source, current M&E systems and activities;
  • Design, plan, and implement and/or improve methods and systems of monitoring and evaluation for improving program impact;
  • Establish program indicators and key objectives in collaboration with medical and program leadership;
  • Assure technical leadership in the design, creation, and implementation of M&E tools;
  • Ensure quality and completeness of regularly collected data form the field by CHWs and partner clinics, including but not limited to periodic internal data audits;
  • Serve as a liaison with technical partners involved in data collection and management, to ensure quality and completeness of data;
  • Create and execute creative solutions to data quality and completeness at CHW and clinic level;
  • Analyse regularly collected data, calculating key indicators by site, both for routing reporting and as needed for specific purposes by different departments and partners;
  • Examine these key indicators regularly with medical and programmatic leadership (Chief Medical Officer, Program Director, Director of Learning and Innovation) and field team members (with support from site-based dashboards) to monitor the progress toward achieving program objectives, and supporting quality improvement of care;
  • In close collaboration with medical and programmatic leadership, develop and implement a system for evaluating service provision at the community (CHW) and health center level, in the context of capacity building and quality improvement;
  • Collaborate with Site Coordinators, COO, Pharmacy Stock Manager, and Chief Medical Officer to develop systems for monitoring medication stocks;
  • Assess, investigate, and resolve discrepancies between Muso and government reporting;
  • Provide technical support so that each team leader can access and analyze the data they need for quality improvement and reporting;

  • To apply, please submit a cover letter your résumé

    Applications due no later than April 12 at 5pm GMT
    Muso is an equal opportunity employer
    Muso partners with a coalition of high-impact organizations through the Community Health Impact Coalition.
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