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Year One in Muso’s First Rural Site

In Tori, we planned to increase access to care five-fold in our first three months of operations. Yet utilization of health services at the clinic far exceeded our boldest projections: Access to health care rose more than ten-fold in just six weeks.

Our first year in Tori provided care through just over 300,000 door-to-door Proactive Care visits by local Community Health Workers. Muso’s CHWs took their mandate to reach patients within hours of symptom onset to heart, reaching 85% of patients in just 24 hours of symptom onset in the month of December. Across a population of 25,000 people, we removed fees for service at all levels of care, and provided care with 28,000 clinic visits.

To our knowledge, the communities Muso serves in peri-urban Mali now have the lowest child mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa. That’s what every community deserves, and we’re now working hard to make that kind of transformation happen in Tori.

Tori acted as our rural adaptation site, allowing us to test and de-bug our protocols in the rural context and improve our program design. Lessons from Tori guided our preparations when we launched our seven rural sites across Bankass, Mopti.  Read more about our rural expansion here.


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