Reports & Financials

Newest Publication: 2016 Annual Report

In 2016, Muso Community Health Workers provided outreach and care through 1,093,001 home visits. For eight years, this legion of health providers has walked door to door in the blazing sun, finding and treating patients in their homes. Yirimadjo, where Muso began serving one hundred people over a decade ago, has grown to a sprawling area of over 150,000 people. And in these communities, the death of a child has become rare.

We want to make the change we’ve seen in Yirimadjo the story of our world, and in 2016 the Muso team began to expand toward that goal. We launched our second site, in rural Mali, and readied to open an additional seven sites. In 2017, we will serve nearly 300,000 people in peri-urban, rural, and remote rural Mali.