Reports & Financials

Newest Publication: Q4 2016 Impact Report

From the launch of Muso’s Proactive CHW team in 2008 to 2015, our team of Community Health Workers conducted 760,939 home visits. In 2016, Muso CHWs provided outreach and care through 1,093,001 home visits: more than the past seven years combined!

As we ready for our two millionth home visit in Q1 of 2017, our team has not slowed down: In December, investigators from four major research institutions, the Malian government, and the Muso team together launched, to our knowledge, one of the world’s largest RCT of CHWs. This cluster-randomized controlled trial will follow reproductive aged women and their families across seven sites for three years and collect millions of data points, helping us answer questions on CHW work flow and accelerate the global effort for universal health care.