HEAL Initiative
Muso works with the HEAL Initiative, which builds a community of health care providers dedicated to serving the underserved through training and transforming front line health professionals in a spirit of service and solidarity. Every year, HEAL fellows join Muso in Mali to help build local capacity and learn from leaders in the field.

Integrate Health
Muso partners with Integrate Health, one of Togo's leading providers of quality HIV/AIDS care, and the Togolese Ministry of Health to adapt Muso’s Proactive Care model to Togo and build a national model for maternal and child health in some of the country's poorest communities.

Malian Ministry of Health
Muso has served the Malian Ministry of Health as an operational research partner for the past eight years, working with the Ministry to develop and test health systems innovations with the potential to improve child mortality and early access to care. Muso and the Ministry jointly test innovations that are designed for government implementation at national scale.

MASS Design Group
Muso works with the award-winning global health architects of MASS Design Group to redesign and expand health centers in the rural Malian district of Bankass. MASS completed infrastructure needs assessments and developed designs to build capacity for Muso's rural sites.

Medic Mobile
Muso partners with Medic Mobile, a nonprofit technology company specializing in mHealth, to build cutting-edge tools designed to improve the impact of Community Health Workers on maternal, newborn and child survival.

Partners in Health
Muso is a PIH Mission Partner. Our team has benefited from the guidance and mentorship of PIH co-founders and leaders. We share research and best practices as we work to advance our common mission of health care for all.

Muso has been guided since its founding by Tostan's trailblazing approach to community-led development. We've designed our proactive healthcare system to work in synergy with Tostan's community organizing and nonformal education programs.