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An Update from Muso Following Mali’s Coup

To our community of action,

Yesterday, members of the Malian military arrested the President and Prime Minister, instigating the second coup d’état to occur in Mali in the span of the last nine months. These arrests elicited international condemnation and calls to restore civilian leadership. Our latest report is that Mali’s capital city, Bamako, is calm and there has been no violence. International mediators have arrived to attempt to negotiate a solution to restore civilian leadership. More information on the rapidly evolving circumstances in Mali can be found here.

We have activated our emergency and security protocols. Our team is safe, accounted for, and sheltering in place.

The health of a nation is inextricably linked with the health of its people. Our mission remains the same, because justice for all will only truly come when there is health care for all. Globally, nearly one in five children are born in conflict zones and fragile states. Their right to care without delay must remain our urgent priority.

We are moved by your continued support and solidarity in this moment. Together, we will continue to bring care to our patients, in service of our collective goal of bringing universal health care to all who need it, when they need it.

In Solidarity,

The Muso team


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