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Muso’s Leaders receive the Charles Bronfman Prize

The Charles Bronfman Prize has named Muso co-founders as the recipients of its 2021 global humanitarian award.

“At Muso, we believe no one should die waiting for health care,” said Bronfman Prize laureate and Muso Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jessica Beckerman. “But today, half the people on earth cannot get the health care they need in time. Whether and when any of us gets health care today depends too often on where we were born, on the color of our skin, on how much money we have--and because of this injustice millions of people die each year from curable illnesses. And now for our patients with COVID-19, every hour of delayed care puts their lives in danger, every hour of delayed action fuels the spread of the pandemic.”

Together we have the power to build new kinds of health care systems in this moment of crisis—to meet every patient with care, in the first moments they need it. That’s what we’re building together at Muso: health care that reaches every patient early.

“We’re grateful to the Charles Bronfman Prize Team for honoring Muso and all who struggle for just health care through this year’s Prize,” said Prize recipient and Muso CEO Dr. Ari Johnson. “The Torah teaches that when we have the power to take action to save a life, there is no question—we must act. And so we commit, together. We will not stand idly on the blood of our fellow human beings. Thank you, Bronfman Prize team, for joining us and the Muso team in the struggle to protect the immeasurable value of every human life.”

Each year, the Charles Bronfman Prize awards an exceptional young humanitarian whose innovative work, informed by Jewish values, has significantly improved the world. Its goal is to bring public recognition to dynamic young innovators whose Jewish values infuse their humanitarian accomplishments, providing inspiration for generations to come. Laureates in the past have included innovators in the areas of the environment, humanitarian relief, human rights, medical and public education, food justice, criminal justice, and the arts. This year’s Charles Bronfman Prize recipients are Muso CMO Jessica Beckerman and CEO Ari Johnson.

Muso was founded by Malians and Americans of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faiths converging on a moral imperative.

“I am so pleased that the judges chose Jessica and Ari as this year’s Prize recipients,” Charles Bronfman stated. “Their compassionate, innovative approach to health care is saving lives. This community-based system should serve as a global model, especially as Covid-19 afflicts millions around the world and the inequities in health care systems grow more acute.”

To learn more, please read the announcement here.


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