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Donation of IT and office equipment to national health system partners

For more than a decade, Muso has worked with the Malian government as an operational research and implementation partner. Our technical assistance team works within the Ministry of Health to integrate proven strategies into national public health policies and practices. As part of this assistance, we donated office and computer equipment in the second quarter of 2022 to our government partners.

This support will enable staff to amplify their use of more digital resources and tools in achieving their goals to strengthen the national health system.

The same day, office and computer equipment was also donated to the National Coalition for Proactive Community Case Management (CNSEC), a body launched in 2017 which aims to contribute to strengthening the effective implementation of the national strategic plan for rapid care in the community. This support has enabled the creation of the permanent secretariat of the CNSEC, which now has the means to intensify advocacy for community health.


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