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Expert Implementers Share Best Practices for CHW Program Scale-Ups

From June 12 to 16, Muso CEO Ari Johnson, MD, and Director of Training Youssouf Keita, MD, had the opportunity to participate in a panel hosted by the Global Health Delivery Project, a joint initiative of Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The weeklong virtual expert panel, entitled “Strengthening and Scaling the Community Health Workforce,” highlighted lessons practitioners around the world can apply to efforts to scale effective and sustainable Community Health Worker (CHW) programs. Participating panelists also included friends and colleagues from Last Mile Health, City Health Works, the Center for Health Care Strategies, Partners in Health, and Possible.

Panelists and participants enjoyed rich discussions on topics such as designing effective CHW programs, guiding CHW performance through training and supervision, managing CHW recruitment processes, using research to assess and optimize program impact, and adapting programs across settings.

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Keita shared ideas about what kind of training, supervision, and support CHWs need to be successful. In particular, they highlighted Muso’s 360 Supervision model and discussed the ways in which we can support CHW Supervisors to effectively manage CHWs’ workflow.

These Global Health Delivery Project panel conversations offer valuable dialogues within the global health community. As we work with our partners in Mali and beyond to strengthen health systems through the scale-up of sustainable Community Health Worker programs, we look forward to future opportunities for shared learning and collaboration across organizations and sectors.

Learn more about the online panel and explore the dialogue here.


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