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Looking back on the 77th World Health Assembly : Maternal and Child Health in focus

The theme of this year's World Health Assembly was “All for Health, Health for All,” which took place in Geneva from May 24th to June 1st, 2024. This annual event brings together delegates from the member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss and adopt resolutions on public health issues. This year's theme highlights the importance of individual rights to adequate and accessible health care. 

Mariame Kante holds her 3-month-old son Shatta Coulibaly.

The right to health for everyone was the main topic of discussion last week in Geneva. This year, maternal, newborn, and child health was one of the key themes with the aim to encourage political leaders to take more action when it comes to issues related to these three groups.

For years, Muso has been working to strengthen health care systems to improve access to health care by combating preventable deaths. Through Community Health Workers, we provide proactive health care services for patients, especially for mothers and children. Through these services, we have been able to support pregnant women in every step of their pregnancy, without point-of-care fees for patients. 

These home visits have led to increased prenatal care and the number of prenatal contacts at both clinic and community levels. A recent study by Muso reveals that the frequency of prenatal care and deliveries in clinics increases when patients are provided with access to rehabilitated primary care clinics, professional Community Health Workers (CHWs), and the removal of point-of-care fees. According to this study, the rate of child death dropped from 148/1000 to 55/1000 in the communities where we work when these same conditions were met. 

Results of the Proactive Community Case Management Trial in Bankass, Mali.

Despite the promising advancements made by Muso, challenges persist in achieving universal access to healthcare. At the conclusion of this 77th World Health Assembly, it is evident that the path to healthcare accessible to all remains long and strewn with obstacles to overcome. However, with a continuous commitment to innovation, it is possible to realize this vision of making healthcare accessible to all.


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