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Muso’s Board of Directors Welcomes Dr. Ogobara Doumbo

Dr. Ogobara Doumbo

The Muso team looks forward to Dr. Doumbo’s guidance as we undertake research to accelerate global progress on child survival and universal health coverage. As a leader who has devoted his life to conducting research that changes policy and improves health outcomes in settings of extreme poverty, we have much to learn from him.

Dr. Ogobara Doumbo currently serves as Chair of the Department of Epidemiology of Parasitic Diseases at the University of Mali, Director of the Malaria Research and Training Center at the University of Science Techniques and Technologies of Bamako, Mali, Chair of the Board of the New Ségou University in Mali and Member of the Board of the French “Institut Recherche pour le Développement” (IRD).

He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Tropical Medicine at the Tulane School of Public Health, and from 1996-2001 directed the Mali-Tulane Tropical Medical Research Center Program. He sat as Member of Science and Health Advisory Board at Malaria No More and Honorary elected member of the Alpha Omega Alpha US Medical Society. Dr. Doumbo leads the MRTC-ICER USTTB-NIAID malaria vaccines programs in Mali.

Dr. Doumbo is/was the primary and senior investigator for several malaria drug trials, malaria vaccines trials as well as the WHO-sponsored Multilateral Initiative on Malaria/ Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (MIM/TDR) task force on malaria research in Africa.  He is member of the “International Committee for Certification of Elimination of Dracunculiasis” to advise the DG of WHO.  Dr. Doumbo has received global recognition for his contributions to science, including the Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mali, Chevalier des Palmes Academiques du CAMES, the Officier de la Legion d’Honneur Francaise, Officier de l’Ordre du Mérite de France and the Research Award on Malaria in Africa.

Dr. Doumbo received the “Prix Christophe Mérieux de l’Institut de France” and The Spanish Price of Prince des Asturia in 2008, the International Research award of INSERM in 2013 and was elected as the International Fellow of American Society of Tropical Medicine in 2016. Dr. Doumbo is also a Member of French “Académie Nationale de Médecine” and the first owner of the “Chaire des Docteurs Mérieux des Académies de Sciences et de Médecine de France”.

Dr. Doumbo received his MD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Mali, his Masters in Parasitology and Immunology in Marseille and his PhD from the University of Montpellier, France in Parasitology.  He also has a Masters/DEA in Medical Anthropology from Aix Marseille University and several certificates in Biostatistics-Epidemiology from John Hopkins Univeristy and International Research Ethics from Harvard University.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Doumbo to the team and look forward to working together toward a more just and equitable world, where every person has access to health care.

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