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New Bakorobabagou Health Center Opens to Provide Quality Care for Over 60,000 Patients

In February 2021, Muso, our local community partners, and the Malian government broke ground on a new site to support the bandwidth of providers at health centers, reduce wait times, and support the delivery of primary health care in peri-urban Mali.

By the fourth quarter of 2021, construction was completed, the health center was fully equipped and the staff were trained — bringing together all the conditions to launch quality care for more than 60,000 patients, all met with the care they need without out-of-pocket fees. The facilities include two hospital wards and four delivery rooms — particularly important for pregnant women in the Bakorobabougou community, who often traveled miles and would go into labor before they could reach the closest health center. As Yirimadio’s population continues to grow, the primary objectives of this center are improved timeliness, coverage, and quality of care in an area that until now relied on a single primary care center.

The launch of this health center would not have been possible without the dedication and support of the local community. We keep in our memories Mr. Moussa Camara, the first president of the ASACO (Community Health Association) of Yirimadio, who donated the land on which the clinic was built and who has unfortunately passed away. One of the delivery rooms of this new center will bear his name.

Official launch ceremony of the new Bakorobabougou health center organized by Muso, local community partners, and Mali’s Ministry of Health and Social Development. During the ceremony, Mali's Minister of Health and Social Development, Her Excellency Diéminatou Sangaré, and Muso's Country Director, Dr. Djoumé Diakité, delivered speeches noting the impact of this new facility for the Bakorobabougou community.

What does this new health center represent for the local community?

Read some testimonials below:

“We do not have a car, so it usually takes me 45 minutes to one hour to reach Yirimadio [health center]. With many kids and my responsibilities in the house; cooking; cleaning; sometimes it seems impossible to reach the clinic even when one of my kids or I am sick. Now that the [new] health center is a walking distance away, it is easier for me and my family to seek care. Today, I came with my son Ousmane for a routine visit. The process was much quicker, and now I have enough time to get back home and do my chores before the day is over.” — Fatoumata Coulibaly, patient

“The factor of distance is key. Sometimes patients, particularly pregnant women, leave Bakorobabougou in the middle of the night and travel a long distance to reach the Yirimadio health center. It can be difficult to find a taxi for those who have no other method of transport. Some pregnant women even go into labor or give birth before they reach the clinic. With a new health center so close and accessible to community members, people will no longer have to worry about these long distances. We are really happy that the new health center will bring care closer to our neighbors.” — Mamadou Sissoko, President of ASACO

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