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New Partnership to Test Muso Model in Togo

5.9 million children died before their fifth birthday last year, while nearly 700 million people around the world lacked access to adequate healthcare.

Every year, millions die from treatable illnesses. The scope of this challenge necessitates an ambitious global response.

In the communities that Muso serves in Yirimadio, Mali, the death of a child has become a rare event. This transformation could become the story of our world — if we work together.

That is why Muso is excited to announce a new partnership with the organization Integrate Health. Over the past decade, Integrate Health has become one of Togo’s leading providers of high quality HIV/AIDS care. Now, Integrate Health is working with the Togolese Ministry of Health and Muso to adapt Muso’s Proactive Care model to Togo and build a national model for maternal and child health in some of Togo’s poorest communities.

A 2013 Harvard-UCSF study documented a tenfold difference in child mortality rates after the rollout of Muso’s proactive healthcare model in an area of Mali. This model has been highlighted as a global best practice.

Working in collaboration with Muso and the Togolese Ministry of Health, Integrate Health has designed a study to evaluate the impact of an integrated clinic and community-based health system strengthening model. This study tests key elements of Muso’s Proactive Care model in rural and peri-urban northern Togo and aims to provide the evidence base necessary to support the Government of Togo in scaling this model nationwide.

Muso is honored to partner with Integrate Health as an evidence broker to adapt lessons learned through our decade of work in Mali, and we’re excited for the opportunity to test the efficacy of the Proactive Care model in multiple Sub-Saharan African settings. Muso and Integrate Health look forward to sharing best practices and disseminating this joint evidence base across the international community.

Muso and Integrate Health know that even where poverty is most extreme, it is possible to end preventable deaths and achieve universal health access. We are honored to work together in the global fight for health for all.


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