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New Study Demonstrates how Digital Health Tools can Enable Progress towards Universal Health Care

New tool designed with and for health providers more than doubled the likelihood of them connecting with patients.

In 2017, Muso partnered with Medic, a nonprofit software company building free tools for health workers, to create innovative mobile support tools for our Community Health Workers (CHWs) and supervisors. Our partnership is intended not only to support CHW performance and improve patient care, but to improve and streamline data collection and iterative learning. Across the globe, health systems struggle with coverage gaps as half the people on the planet still do not access the care they need. As countries seek to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, digitally-supported CHWs are key to advancing universal health coverage goals in their communities. This is why Medic and Muso have developed a new tool, "UHC Mode". UHC Mode allows health providers to visualize coverage in real time and see when a household within their care area was last visited. A new study demonstrated improved household coverage in both rural and peri-urban settings when paired with Muso’s ProCCM approach and workflows, suggesting that interface design can impact the effectiveness of CHWs, and thus improve access to care for the populations they serve.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the existing dramatic disparities in health services around the world, whether it is access to vaccination or overall care. UHC Mode is an example of evidence-based tools that can be used to improve coverage and promote progress towards universal health care, even in the most difficult of contexts.

Medic serves as technical steward of the Community Health Toolkit (CHT), a collection of open-source technology and open-access resources to create digital health tools. Apps built with the CHT are actively deployed in 15 countries across Africa and Asia and are used by nearly 40,000 health workers. To date, health workers using these apps have provided more than 60 million caring activities.

UHC Mode on a CHW Phone

We are lucky to count ourselves among their partners as together we design solutions to our world’s greatest health injustices.


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