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Partner Highlights: Creating Mobile Support Tools for CHWs with Medic Mobile

As Community Health Worker programs are scaled up around the world, their impact will depend on the tools available to support their performance in their communities. Next month, Muso will launch seven new sites and care for 300,000 patients through door-to-door visits, in-home treatment, and clinic care. To support CHW performance and improved patient care, and to improve and streamline data collection for these hundreds of thousands of data points, Muso has partnered with Medic Mobile, a leading nonprofit technology company. Together, Muso and Medic Mobile create innovative mobile support tools for our CHWs and supervisors, and build technical tools to spread key aspects of Muso’s high-impact Proactive Care model.

The mobile app we have co-designed addresses widespread challenges faced by CHW programs across the globe. The app supports and tracks CHWs in real time via smartphone to improve patient outcomes among the world’s poorest and hardest-to-reach people. Importantly, the app can function offline to provide decision support for our rural CHWs as they collect data during door-to-door patient visits in remote environments. The data collected by the app is used by CHW supervisors as a performance management tool. The app incorporates a unique, 360-degree performance management dashboard, showing speed, quantity, and quality metrics for each CHW. All of this data helps us improve the care we provide to our patients.

Medic Mobile’s process begins by sitting down with the CHWs, supervisors, and medical professionals who will be using the tools they design. The goal: design and build tools to make health care delivery more efficient and effective, allowing Medic’s 70+ implementing partners to reach more people with high quality care.

Since 2010, Medic Mobile’s open-source software has expanded to support more than 13,000 frontline health workers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, covering more than 8 million people.

We are lucky to count ourselves among their partners as together we design solutions to our world’s greatest health injustices.


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