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Rapid Care for Transformative Impact

How to Cure Delay: Collective Action to Support Rapid Care, Muso's virtual discussion and tour of the new health center in Bakorobabougou

In early 2021, Muso, our local community partners, and the Malian government identified a new site and broke ground to support the bandwidth of providers at health centers, reduce wait times, and support the delivery of primary health care in peri-urban Mali. Due to a surge in population and urbanization over the last decade and health infrastructure that has not kept up with this growth, Yirimadio's single health center is over capacity. This has resulted in long wait times to see a health provider, deterred patients from seeking care, exacerbated the stress placed on health care providers, and risks overcrowding as our communities navigate accessing healthcare in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Muso held a virtual event on September 23rd, 2021 to discuss "How to Cure Delay: Collective Action to Support Rapid Care." Dr. Jessica Beckerman, Muso's Chief Medical Officer, spoke about the importance of safe deliveries in health clinics to reduce maternal mortality, and Dr. Mariam Cissé, Muso's Urban Site Coordinator, gave a presentation indicating how our partnerships with communities strengthen health systems, accompanied with a virtual tour of the new clinic. Larry Gilson, Chairman of Focusing Philanthropy, explained why Focusing Philanthropy selected Muso for this matching campaign*

The government-run Bakorobabougou Health Center will serve more than 60, 000 patients, and provide quality care without out-of-pocket fees. We look forward to finalizing equipment and launching the center within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Watch the full event here in case you missed it:

* Through our partnership with Focusing Philanthropy, we are mobilizing collective action to open clinic doors to patients. Donations for the clinic will be matched by Focusing Philanthropy here


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