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The political and security situation in Mali today

Dear friends of Muso,

Today, mutinous soldiers within Mali’s military have taken into their custody the President, Prime Minister, and other government officials. The situation is evolving rapidly.

Our team is safe and accounted for, and we’ve activated security protocols to enable rapid communication across our 500+ team members. As of this writing, no violence against civilians has been reported in Mali.

Muso works across all levels of the government. The vast majority of our work involves close daily collaboration with local, district, regional, and national technical leaders of Mali’s public sector health system, whose efforts carry across political regimes.

In 2012, when Mali experienced an overthrow of the sitting government, Muso continued to provide care to our patients, every day. In this moment of crisis, our commitment to our patients, and to each other, forms the firm ground beneath our feet. Our commitment to our patients will not falter.  We work for our patients, and our work continues.

With gratitude,

Ari Johnson, MD

CEO, Muso


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