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From Pain to Hope: Yayi Diallo's Journey to Recovery

Yayi Diallo sitting in her yard with a blue bag containing her medicine.

Yayi Diallo, 42 years old, struggled for years with unexplained abdominal pains. Despite medical prescriptions, her symptoms persisted. It was with the support and proactive intervention of Djomba Fomba, a Muso-supported Community Health Worker (CHW) in Yirimadio, that Yayi's situation took a crucial turn.

Discovery during a home visit

One day, during a habitual home visit, Djomba Fomba quickly identified that Yayi was exhibiting alarming symptoms. He immediately referred her to the Yirimadio Community Health Center, supported by Muso.

Medical tests revealed a shocking discovery: Yayi had kidney stones, explaining her persistent pains. The speed of the diagnosis by the CHW was crucial to ensure immediate treatment.

Transferred to a health center capable of providing prompt treatment, Yayi underwent surgery to remove the stone from her kidneys. From the community to the health center, Muso accompanied Yayi, closely monitoring her treatment and covering medical expenses.

Today, over a year after the intervention, Yayi has regained a normal life, free from the pain that consumed her days prior to her diagnosis. 

We remain committed to delivering rapid and quality care to patients when they need it, where they need it.


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