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Muso’s COVID-19 response: new developments in Mali

Dear Friends of Muso,

At Muso, our team joins a growing global movement of providers, policymakers, and citizens working to stop the spread of COVID-19. For our patients in Mali, and for patients around the world, we bear witness to the violence of delay. Outbreaks feed on delay. Delays in testing, delays in care, delays in supported isolation — these delays have fueled the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the globe. At Muso, we’re taking action to:

1. Support and accompany our government partners to accelerate case detection, care, and supported isolation 2. Continue rapid access to health care for everyone we serve 3. Protect our health workers as they serve bravely on the front lines

Today, Mali confirmed its first cases of COVID-19. At the request of our government partners, we have developed protocols, tools, and curriculum for frontline providers and contact monitors, building from evidence-based best practice and global recommendations. We’ve also modified and built upon our own treatment protocols to protect providers and patients. We’ve begun key trainings with our own Community Health Workers, and will continue to roll out further trainings with our government partners in the coming days. We will be surging our actions in training, technical assistance, support, and care in the days ahead. Our focus will remain on what we know how to do best: to reach patients with care, with exceptional speed. We are also honored to rally with the Community Health Impact Coalition for more support where it’s most needed.

Some of you have asked us how you can help; we would be grateful for your support by clicking here to donate.

We have been moved by so many of you reaching out to our team with support, with the urgency and speed that can only come from solidarity, commitment, and love. Thank you. We will rise to this immense challenge together.

In Solidarity,

CEO, Muso


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